Sunday, June 11, 2017

What it was like at Deering Middle School

 As an 8th grader, I have been at Deering Middle School for 4 years.  They have been a pretty interesting four years and that's for sure.

Somethings that I will never forget is NCS, which was a group of people from the track team and we had some interesting nights and sleepovers together.  We mainly slept at a hotel because our friends house was flooded and that's where they had to live for 5 months.  Those people were like family to me, and to many others, and I was like family to them.  But the everything went downhill and we no longer considered each other even friends.  I won't get into the details, but that's a group of people I'm never going to forget, at least for a long time.  

Next is Mr. Guiot, I love Mr. Guiot so much.  He's such a good principle to me and to the whole school.  He just lets us have so much fun with our time here because he knows we are leaving to go to the high school.  I really hope the next principle I have is as much fun as Mr. Guiot, because I am really going to miss having fun conversations at lunch with my principle.

I am definitely not going to miss the people to can't shower, because it is God awful, it smells like someone took garbage and dumped it all over themselves, and I can only hope that it gets better next year.  My friend Haley and I were trying to start a fundraiser, and we were going to use the money we made to get deodorant and soaps and all that fun stuff so some people wouldn't smell as bad. But, our fundraiser didn't really work out in the end.  I reallllyyyy hope some people get the hint that showering with soap and water isn't always a bad thing and it should be done more then once every 3 months, because if not, they are going to have a real rude awakening in high school.

Something else that I won't forget is Mr. DiBiasio, he was honestly such a good teacher to me this year.  I know that the rest of the school is terrified of Mr. D, but he's honestly not a bad teacher or a bad person, unless you are on his bad side then that's a different story.  But since I'm in algebra, but likes me and just about everyone in that class which makes it 10 times more enjoyable.  I really am going to miss talking about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in math class or since the quadratic formula in front of the whole class.  He really helped me get better at math and learn what it's going to be like in highschool and I really appreciate that because I certainly am not ready for high school.

Some other things I will miss is being on a team with some of my closest friends and seeing them everyday or having almost all of my classes with them.  If I didn't have some of my friends in science, I would have died alone in that class, or in social studies if I didn't have my friends I don't know what I would do.  So I am definitely going to miss that in high school.

Some memories from Deering would include:::
People not showering
Team Blammo (best team in the 6th grade)
7 Orange
The Track Team
The Soccer Team
8 White
Mr. Guiot
Horrible Chromebooks

And I could go on forever, but this was just some of the things that I am always going to remember and miss when I go onto high school or somethings I really won't miss.  Deering has been an adventure and I am sure going to miss some aspects of it, but at the same time I can't wait for high school.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Banned Books in America

In America many books are banned from schools for their racist acts, or for them being too sexual.  For example, 50 Shades of Grey is not allowed in schools are obvious reasons.

Here is a list of banned books across schools in America that I don't think should have been banned. 
- Where the Wild Thing Are, by Maurice Sendak was banned because of the dark and disturbing nature of the story. 
- To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee was banned because it was degrading, profane and "it promotes white supremacy" 
- Moby-Dick, by Herman Melville, this was banned from a Texas school from it's advanced Honors English Class because it "conflicted with community values"
- Gone With the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell, this was an Academy Award winning film, this was banned from schools because of the the realness of the life before and after the Civil War and the life of slavery- but that's why it was praised by so many people, and it was also banned for the use of the "N" word, and "darkies"
- Beloved, by Toni Morrison, this was banned because parents complained about the violence, sexual content, and discussion of bestiality (sexual intercourse between a human and animal) 
- Little Red Ridding Hood by Trina Hyman was banned in Culver City Cali. because when they looked into the picture version they took away the message that "alcohol is yummy".  They were outraged that there was a bottle of wine in Little Red Riding Hoods basket of food which granny later "glugs down" 
- The Diary of a Young Girl, by Anne Frank was banned because it was a "real downer" 
- And Tango Makes Three, by Justin Richardson was banned because it was about a true story of 2 male penguins that raised a baby penguin together, and it was "anti-family" and homosexuality.
- The Perks of Being a Wallflower, by Stephen Chbosky was banned because it mentioned date rape.  

There are so many more books that are banned from schools in America and all across the world.  But I feel that kids should be able to read what interests them, like if learning about the seriousness of drugs, alcohol, and rape is something kids want to learn about, they should be able to read about it.  Other things like "being in conflict with community values" is ridiculous in my opinion.  Some children may not believe in those community values and want to read things about other values that interest them more.  Books like The Little Red Riding Hood and And Tango Makes Three shouldn't be banned from school.  Little Red Hiding Hood shouldn't been banned because it's a classic children's book that millions of kids love.  Just like Charlotte's Web, that was banned because a group of parents said that "any book that has two talking animals is the work of the devil."  They said we're (humans) the only creatures that can communicate vocally. Showing lower life forms with human abilities is sacrilegious and disrespectful to God."  To me, parent's shouldn't be able to complain about a book that is being "disrespectful to God", when the book has nothing to do with God in the first place.  And everyone knows about the famous Where's Waldo? By Martin Hanford.  This was banned from some schools in Michigan and New York because in the one of the pictures there was a issue with one of the drawings and there was part of a women's breast showing, and then it was banned after that.  To me, all of these books shouldn't be banned because there is no good reason behind banning them and people should be able to read what they want to read in school. 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Why do I like books?

Image result for the hungry little caterpillarSome people as kids were read to all the time, and fortunately I was one of those kids.  My mom and dad and even my grandparents would read to me every night before I went to bed.  I think that my favorite book read to me as a kid would be "The Hungry Little Caterpillar"  By Eric Carle.  I thought it was the neatest thing to see the pages move and see what the Hungry Caterpillar actually did.  But I really want to say thank you because if it wasn't for you guys I may not be the student that I am today.

My dad really inspired me to keep trying in school and to do what you really love to do.  He had a learning disability growing up so it was hard for him and he wish for me to never go through that.  Just about every week he would tell me "Madison and Bruno" stories.  Madison and Bruno were two cats that lived on a farm with a bunch of other animals like horses, cows, pigs, and even mice.  There was a farmer and his wife who cared for all of the animals every day.  But Madison and Bruno weren't your ordinary house pet.  Every day they went on these crazy adventures into the woods and fought with the foxes, Mr. Badger, or anyone who tried to hurt them.  I really think that those stories made my childhood more interesting as a kid and made me want to read more and hear fun and wacky stories like that.

One of my all time favorite teachers was Mr. Allen in Greenbush Elementary School.  He made everyday a fun day in class.  We all had our own jobs and mine was the librarian.  I think that doing that was something every kid should try, going in and organizing the books saw something I enjoyed and did with my friends.  Mr. Allen made everything a fun experience which was something that I loved about him.  I loved when we played "Alaskan Baseball" on Fridays and everyone had a blast with him.

So I think that all of these people really had an impact on me and me being the student and person I am.  I would like to say thank you because each of you helped me in a certain way which I find really important.  So thank you to my grandparents, my Dad, and Mr. Allen.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Letting Ana Go

Image result for letting ana goLetting Ana Go is about a girl who at one point in her life had the perfect family, perfect life, everything you could ask for.  But inside, she felt she could never be good enough and live up to the expectations around her.  But the one thing she could control was what she ate- and she did.  When she ate less she felt stronger and better about herself.  But she goes too far.  And she leaves all of it behind in her diary.

Like my last post, I'm going to be writing about a condition many people face- anorexia.  I don't understand why people would want to purposely starve themselves when there are so many more options for help.

Anorexia is a condition where you have a desire to not eat, lose weight, and refuse to eat fat.  Most anorexia people also exercise almost every day just to make sure they don't gain any weight.

According to this website, there are many signs to tell if you have become anorexic or not.  First, you have a dramatic weight loss, you start to avoid going out to places because you don't want to eat, and all you worry is about you being "fat".  Other signs may be that you deny being hunger or you are always commenting about being "fat" even though you lost weight.

Image result for anorexia
There are many consequences to being anorexic.  You could have a low blood pressure and low heart rate which means that your heart muscles are changing and you could be at risk for heart failure.  Severe dehydration which could eventually lead to kidney failure.  You could also have a loss of bone marrow making you have dry, and fragile bones.  Dry hair and skin and hair loss is very common, along with muscle loss and weakness.  Another side effect is you body starts growing a downy layer of hair, called lanugo, all over your body to make sure that you stay warm.

An interesting fact is that 90-95% of people who suffer from anorexia are girls and women, and somewhere between 0.5-1% American women suffer from anorexia.  Many people have died due to anorexia and between 5-20% of people who suffer from anorexia will end up dying, depending on the length of the condition.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Best of Me

In the book "The Best of Me" written by Nicholas Sparks, it tells the story of two people who once dated in high school.  Dawson Cole was born into a family of alcoholics, drug users, and the father constantly abused him.  Dawson and his girlfriend, Amanda, dated for about two years but Dawson had the reputation of being a "Cole".  Amanda's parents practically forbid them from dating.  Amanda didn't care, but later many things changed and she left for college, and she and Dawson hadn't seen each in years.  Her new husband Frank wasn't a raging alcoholic before he was just a regular drinker who drank a few times a week.  But after their daughter had died at a very young he started to drink. All the time. 

For my blog post, I am going to talk about alcoholism.  I have always had the question about how someone's body gets addicted to a certain substance like alcohol or drugs. 

1 our of every 12 adults suffers from having an addiction to alcohol, and 1 and 7 children live in a house where at least one parent has an alcohol problem.

Being an alcoholic can lead to serious health problems, finance problems, problems in their career, can damage someone's emotional stability, and problems with friends and family.

I learned that it isn't the kind of alcohol drinks that makes them addicted but how long someone has been drinking or how much they consume.  Also, some people need alcohol like we need food and water, it's a lifestyle for them.  
                                                                                                     (What happens to a liver after years                                                                                                                              of drinking.)        
Another major factor about alcoholism is your genes.  If you are a child of an alcoholic you are 4 times more likely to become an alcoholic too.  Scientist discovered a gene that is linked to alcoholism.  Scientist are trying to pinpoint the gene to come up with a cure for alcoholism. 

Physiologically alcohol also alters the balance of chemicals in your brain and can make you act on impulse.  In an article by "Science: How Stuff Works"  it said "Alcohol affects chemicals in the brain's reward center, such as dopamine. The body eventually craves alcohol to restore pleasurable feelings and avoid negative feelings."

Another way you can become an alcoholic is by social drinking or peer pressure.  Many young people start drinking because of their friends and they think it's "cool".  Also drinking on TV looks like a blast and loads of joy, but in reality, it's a bad and a potentially life-ruining habit 

Monday, November 14, 2016

The Uglies

          In the book, the Uglies written by Scott Westerfield everyone turns "pretty" at 16.  It is a rigorous bone shaving, flesh stretching surgery that can take up to a day or two.  Tally can't wait to be sixteen to finally become pretty and go off to the new world with her former best friend Peris.  Tally become best friends with Shay about a month before they turn sixteen.  They coincidently have the same birthday, which means they will both get the surgery on the same day.  But Shay wants anything but the surgery.  Shay is thinking about running away to go live in a new town where no one is "pretty" or "ugly".  Tally can't believe that someone would want to not be pretty!  Tally had thought about running away with Shay, but she just couldn't imagine being ugly for the rest of her life.  Pretties had no responsibilities in life and they partied all day and all night.  Shay had run away the night before her 16th birthday and she hasn't been seen since, except for with Tally.  
Image result for the uglies book

          Now Tally made a deal with Peris that she wouldn't get in any more trouble.  Tally had snuck into the Pretties land just to so see Peris and she was almost caught and punished.  So she was trying to not get in any trouble from being with Shay.  When Tally went to go get her surgery, she was waiting a very long time, which is very unusual.  And an odd man came out saying that she needed to come him right away, that there was a complication with her surgery ,hesitantly, she went with him.  When she had found out they the knew that Shay had left Uglyville, they said she could only get the surgery if she told them where she was.  Tally had promised Shay she wouldn't say where she went, and she did not want to break that promise.  So, does Tally tell them where Shay went to get the surgery of her dreams? Or does she stay loyal to her new best friend?  

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Touching Spirit Bear

                              Circle Justice 
Image result
Circle Justice Meetings
In the book Touching Spirit Bear there is a group called Circle Justice.  In the real world, Circle Justice was founded in Canada and the purpose is to help people heal without the tradition punishment.  Usually, people aren't sent away to islands in Alaska like in Touching Spirit Bear.  Usually, people use Circle Justice by sweats, sacrifice, ceremonies, and activities that are similar.  Some rules in Circle Justice are that there has to be a conviction of guilt or acceptance of guilt by the accused, and they have to feel a true guilt for what they did. According to the Native Law Centre of Canada circle sentencing (justice) "presents a healthy opportunity for emotional expression of grieving, anger, and support, and has a strong focus on accountability, reparation, and restoration of peaceful and just relations in the community."  For Circle Sentencing to even be possible for someone the judge, victim, police, and community members all need to be willing and invested in monitoring the criminals progress.  All of these requirements have been why it's hard for Circle Justice to spread a long way because it's very time-consuming.  These sentences may include some jail time but they also include Indian customs, like the ones above, and counseling also.